about the center

Dr. Haider Abdel Shafi Center for Culture and Development

Dr. Haider Abdel Shafi Center for Culture and Development is a Palestinian non-governmental

organization established in 2014, under registration number “8429” issued by the Ministry of the Interior.

An independent youthful arising out center, Since the legacy of Dr. Abdel Shafi is a symbol for national

unity, transparency, democracy, integrity and respect, the Center will be maintaining and spreading his

ideas, values, culture and principle in the Palestinian society particularly amongst the young generations,

with focus on youth both men and women.

Working towards a Palestinian active society, participating in the national, social, and cultural actions,

looking forward to build modern civil democratic independent Palestinian state.

Strive to strengthening the concept of democracy, enlightenment and modernity to attain cohesive society

and to change it according to the principles of democracy and justice.

1- Independence.

2- Democracy.

3- Community participation.

4- Civil society .

5- Accountability.

6- Tolerance.

9- Community solidarity and collaboration.

10- Openness to other cultures

General strategic goal:-

Contributing to the Strengthening the concept of democracy and tolerance of the Palestinian

citizen towards the achievement of civil Palestinian society that based on rights, the rule of law,

and equal citizenship.

The strategic goals:-

1- To protect and strengthen the developmental and national culture for human being and the

2- Influence and development on the public policies to serve the national, cultural, and

Palestinian society that based on the principles of citizenship.

institutional environment.