HCCD organizes a dialogue session entitled. (Economic and social rights between threats and opportunities).

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HCCD organizes a dialogue session entitled,(Economic and social rights between the threats and opportunities).
by hosting Dr. Mazen Al-Ajlah, expert in economic affairs in the presence of many personalities interested in economic affairs and a group of young people.
The meeting started with a welcome speech from Mr. Mohsen Abu Ramadan, a representative of the Center, in which he referred to the occasion of the symposium that coincides with the seventy-first anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which believes in the economic, social rights and the right of peoples to self-determination.
Turning to the obstacles of occupation, division and the lack of international funding as three elements contributed to a relative disparity in the deteriorating economic conditions, stressing the impossibility of achieving development under occupation, settlement, aggression, Judaization, dismemberment and the inability of our people to control the land, water, resources, borders and crossings.
Dr. Mazen cited the international covenants that affirm the right of our people to development, including the Declaration on the Right to Development issued by the United Nations General Assembly, which links development with the right to self-determination.
He pointed out that the threats are due to the occupation and the settlements and the dangers of annexation, especially from the area C and control of the occupation over resources freedom of movement of goods and individuals, tearing up the common market through retail policy and fragmentation alongside the siege of the Gaza Strip and prevent many materials crisis operations development and construction sector through a mechanism to control alluding to acts of piracy Israeli authorities on clearing money or parts thereof in some political joints.
He pointed out that Israel has inflicted significant financial and economic losses on the Palestinian economy due to controlling monetary operations, controlling them financially, as well as commercially and their economic operations, indicating that the losses of the three large military aggressive operations in the Gaza Strip reached about 7 billion dollars.
Dr. Mazen emphasized that the opportunities lie in removing threats and this requires enabling the Palestinian people the right to self-determination, as well as achieving a unified Palestinian democratic system, recalling the repercussions of the division over the economic conditions in the sector.
Mr Ghazi Sourani pointed out that economic  condition of occupied Palestinian territories occupied since 1967 is mainly due to the occupation, highlighting disagreement with some of the concepts marketed internationally regarding development, stressing that the problem is the occupation and division and lack of control Aradhdolah provide capable of achieving the Palestinian people’s rights.
Mr Talal Abu Rukba emphasized the delusions of development as part of the occupation policy.
Ramzi Farrukh stressed that efforts should be made to end the division, as the unity of the political system will necessarily contribute to alleviating economic burdens.

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