eclaration of Human Rights Center d. Haider AbduHCCD calls for adherence to the principles of the Declaration of Human Rights and hold the occupation accountable for its violations.

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Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

HCCD calls for adherence to the principles of the declaration and hold the occupation accountable for its violations

On the tenth of December every year, humankind celebrates the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights issued on 10 December 1948.

The announcement was the result of the experience of humankind after the end of two world wars in which humanity paid a tremendous price for that through human, material and institutional losses, which pushed its actors to acknowledge this declaration as a constitution for organizing the world, life and humanity, including ensuring the rights of individuals and peoples, and in the forefront of that right to self-determination .

The importance of celebrating this declaration is increasing the affirmation of the values ​​and principles affirmed by the declaration, which include political and civil rights as well as economic, social and cultural rights, due to the massive retreat from these principles and values.

The ambitions of some colonial countries and the continuation of occupations and internal turmoil cause the decline of human rights values ​​and principles in favor of the powers of exploitation and the oppression of peoples in the context of the decline of the democratic space in favor of the central and authoritarian state, despite the demands of many peoples to achieve a state of equal and equal citizenship among people.

The Palestinian society is witnessing continuous violations by the occupying power, including a flagrant infringement of human rights principles, and this is reflected in a series of decisions and measures that it implements against the Palestinian people and its just cause, whether with regard to the Judaization of Jerusalem or settlements, the confiscation of lands, and the attempt to liquidate the refugee issue or with respect to field procedures that take place. The occupation authorities include arrests, willful killing, siege and aggression against the Gaza Strip.

The state of division also entrenched its negative shadows on the human rights situation and caused the reduction of public space, the decline in the democratic space, and the transfer of powers to central administrations, away from the mechanisms of oversight, accountability and transparency.

On this occasion of the commemoration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, HCCD  emphasizes the following: –

-Condemn the practices of the occupation towards our people and call on the countries of the world to force it to respect the values ​​and principles of human rights, and in the forefront of that right to self-determination and the —Fourth Geneva Document, including providing international protection for our people.
-Demanding countries of the world to pressure the occupying power to force it to respect and apply international law and international humanitarian law.
-Accountability and accountability of the individuals and institutions of the occupying power for systematic and systematic violations that may reach war crimes and crimes against humanity against our people, especially towards settlement files, the siege and Jerusalem.
-Demanding the governments of Fatah and Hamas to rescind any measures that might affect human rights principles and values ​​and work to expand the democratic climate in society.
-Serious endeavor to end the division by strengthening the climates of public freedoms and working towards holding comprehensive elections in a manner that guarantees the renewal of the structures and structures of the -Palestinian political system on a democratic and participation.

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