HCCD joins the campaign “My Father Reads to me”

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HCCD along with Tamer Foundation for Community Education joined the implementation of the campaign “My father reads to me”, which is implemented annually by the Foundation to encourage parents to read, play, learn, draw and break barriers between parents and children, especially their parents by virtue of the daily activities.
The activity targeted 10 pupils from different educational stages and 10 parents from Al-Manara School, which provided all facilities and great cooperation with the Center.
The joyous attitude was apparent on the faces of the children to have their parents with them playing and listening to the story, drawing, learning and other events included in the campaign.
One of the participating parents said that it is wonderful to imbibe confidence in his children by participating in activities and encouraging them to reveal what they are exposed to daily situations, and another participant added  the importance of these collective activities in creating a positive situation between parents and children in light of the bad psychological conditions experienced by the children of Gaza as a result of wars & unstable atmosphere.
One child expressed her happiness with her father’s participation, saying: “We played together and read stories and discussed different topics and my father is always delighted in my writing and hobbies”.
The campaign coordinator, Manar Al-Sayed from HCCD stated the implementation of such events on a continuous basis with children and pupils to strengthen relations and community fabric, fosters a culture of participation through many activities that bring them together and bridging the gap between parents and children.

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