Film Screening by the Center.

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HCCD  organized a film screening in the presence of a group of youth at the center’s headquarters in Gaza City.

The screening was hosted by Yaacoub Al-Namla from the center, welcoming the audience and explained the activities and programs implemented by the center.

Fadi Al-Herbawi facilitated the meeting by introducing himself and giving a brief overview of the content of the film (Sard).

The content of the film deals with two young women exchanging voice messages via Facebook for a year, which relates the experience of Reham in the search for an opportunity to complete her masters abroad and attempts to get out of the Gaza Strip, but the reality of situation adound Reham  prevents her from traveling.

The film expresses the inability to move and the damage caused by the siege and division of the Palestinian people, especially among young men and women, which contributes to stop their ambitions and their quest for development.

Mahmoud Habboob  related his experience of traveling to study abroad, where studying in Palestine is better than studying in any other country and stressed the importance of staying in Palestine.this trend of studying outside also led to a void created by these young people who just leave to study and never return.

He stressed upon the importance of return of these students and employing science for the benefit of society.

This activity was carried out through the project “Yalla Neshoof Film”, a cultural and community partnership project implemented by the Women’s Cinema Foundation in partnership with the Association of University Graduates in Gaza and the Sunflower Foundation for Human and Environmental Protection, with the main support of the European Union and the support of the Swiss CFD & the Global Fund for Women.

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