HCCD launched three books written by Mr Mohsen Abu Ramadan.

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HCCD held a ceremony to announce the launch of three books by Mr. Mohsen Abu Ramadan in the presence of a group of intellectuals, writers, journalists and youth at the Center’s headquarters in Gaza.
The meeting started with a welcome speech from Mr Mohsen, author of the three books, noting that the idea of ​​ these books came after realizing the existence of a large number of articles that he has written since the year 2000 to date, which led him to compile and classify them in three books dealing with the political, economic, social and development and civil society issues. He pointed out that the value of these books lies in delivering them to the next generation of youth with the aim of enhancing their knowledge, culture and utilizing them in their research and studies in order to deepen the culture based on national unity, democracy and social justice. He dedicated these books to the memory of the great national leader, Dr. Haidar Abdul Shafi, as part of the commemoration of the centenary of his birth.
Mr. Salah Abdul Shafi, Chairman of the Center through Skype talked about the value of these works, which implies loyalty to the late Dr. Haider, praising the nature of these achievements, including the elements of unity and democracy and work to establish and establish a democratic civil society. These publications, which he stressed will constitute a qualitative addition to the Palestinian library, especially for students and young researchers.
The President of the Journalists Association praised this achievement, stressing the need to circumvent the principles and values ​​of Dr. Haider in the current circumstances. Mr Talaat Safadi stated that the center serves as an umbrella under which everyone will gather for national unity in the face of occupation and political differences.
Mr Hani Habib pointed out that the best value of the fulfillment of Dr. Haider lies in the production of knowledge and promotion of community culture.Mr Yaghi implored about the importance of following the approach of the great national leader, appreciating the role of the center by embracing youth and promoting national and civic culture among them.
Speaking a. Mohammed Hijazi on the importance of focusing on promoting culture and knowledge among the youth and the need to form a clear institutional title to maintain national unity and end the division.
Prof. Abdallah Tayeh, president of the Palestinian Writers Union in the Gaza Strip, said Dr. Haider’s experience in the cultural field and its embrace of intellectuals in the seventies and eighties of the last century, despite the dangers of this from the Israeli military rule.
Prof. Nahed Zaqout thanked the writer and praised the great achievement, stressing the need to follow the guidance of Dr. Haidar towards the dissemination of knowledge about the culture of unity and democracy.
Mr. Bilal Jadallah, Director of Press House, thanked the author of these books and appreciated the role of the Center in the cultural field.
Turning a. Ibrahim Khashan to experience the joint writing work during the student and youth activity in the eighties of the last century.
In the end the price of a. Mohsen stressed the attitudes of the attendees and stressed that their words will motivate him personally and the center towards intensifying efforts to enhance the knowledge and cultural awareness of society, especially among the youth on the path of liberation, democracy and community justice.
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