HCCD held a dialogue meeting entitled “Youth Migration, Causes and Effects”.

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The youth dialogue club held a meeting entitled “Youth migration causes and effects”

This meeting comes as part of a series of dialogue meetings implemented by the club in partnership with the Youth Partnership Forum and the Alumni Association. They are the mainstream of the nation, the building generation, and the first and last line of defense against the occupation and its plans.

The discussion came within the economic, social and political reasons that the youth in the society suffered which led them to immigrate, legally or illegally. Also, the existence of the Israeli occupation plays a prominent role in encouraging young people to immigrate abroad through the imposition of a comprehensive siege.

The interventions of young people stated that this immigration has negative results due to the loss of intelligent minds, thinkers and entrepreneurs to the outside thus being the benefit of other countries in addition to many tragedies for young people and their families, especially in the country, which refuses to receive young people whereby many young people drowned.

Professor Taysir pointed out that addressing this phenomenon requires a break from the state of division and the restoration of national unity, providing democratic life for the people, providing employment opportunities for Palestinian youth, and opening the horizon of hope for them, considering that all that is put forward can be achieved only in the context of national unity.

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