On the World Day against Poverty HCCD stresses upon the importance of adopting enabling policies for the poor.

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On October 17, the International Day for the Fight Against Poverty, in which nearly 100,000 public figures gathered in a major square in Paris in 1987, launched the Universal Declaration of Poverty,  which is a form of slavery.
The Center joins with the world in the struggle of social movements and civil society organizations where there is a need to develop enabling policies for the poor in order to lift them out of poverty and unemployment,for fair global policies away from the fierce market mechanisms and towards the adoption of policies that achieve social security.
PCHR stresses the importance of formulating pro-poor policies in the Palestinian society in the face of the policy of occupation, siege and the consequences of division.
PCHR believes that the revival of Palestinian representative institutions on a democratic electoral base is the necessary entry point for adopting pro-poor laws and legislation and combating unemployment.
The arrival of poverty and unemployment to unprecedented degrees in Palestinian society, especially among the youth, where the unemployment rate reached about 70%, the highest in the world should sound the alarm bells among political decision makers to face the repercussions of this indicator, like migration.
There is a need to put youth in the priorities of development programs and work to strengthen their resilience through freedom, democracy and social justice.

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