HCCD screens “Silk Threads”

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HCCD screened a short film “Silk Threads” at the headquarters of the Palestinian Child and Family Services Association for a female audience  on Thursday, 03/10/2019, within the project “Yalla Nshof film! ”.

Yacob Al-Namla, from HCCD elaborated about the project “Yalla Nshof film! “implemented by the Center in partnership with Shashat.

Mrs Lubna Toman, facilitator of the film explained about the issue and purpose of the film.

The film aims to document folk tales about Palestine, embroidery with silk threads on cloth to make Palestinian garments, that the women clung to as an extension of their stories they lived before the Nakba and displacement.

Mrs.Toman asked the audience a number of questions, particularly, about the importance of the Palestinian dress for Palestinian women.

Fathiya Masoud, from the audience, said that the Palestinian dress represents the Palestinian woman and reflects the history and civilization of the Palestinians.

Nisreen Ammar recommended the need for cultural exhibitions, to show the Palestinian dress & to preserve the Palestinian identity.

This activity was carried out within the project “Yalla Neshoof Film”, a cultural and community partnership project implemented by the Women’s Cinema Foundation in partnership with the Association of University Women Graduates in Gaza and the Sunflower Foundation for Human and Environmental Protection, with the main support of the European Union and the support of the Swiss CFD & the Global Women’s Fund.

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