HCCD screens the film ‘Al Kufiyya’

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HCCD screened a film “Kufiyeh” on Thursday 26/09/2019 at his headquarters in Gaza City, within the ‘shashaat’ grant.

The meeting was hosted by Yacoub Al-Namla from the Center.

Mr. Ramez Al-Soury facilitated the presentation by introducing himself, welcoming the audience and elaborated about the film “Kufiyeh” and the purpose of the film.

The film shows the armed quarrel between the neighbors against the backdrop of revenge after the events of the Palestinian division.

Suri said it is important to preserve the Palestinian identity and strengthen the cohesion of the social fabric.

“It is imperative to end the division and rebuild the unity of the Palestinian ranks in order to build the state of Palestine,” said Baraa.

Ahmed Jouda from the audience spoke about the importance of strengthening the cohesion of the social fabric among the members of Palestinian society.

Hisham Rashid recommended the importance of holding more presentations and meetings to foster a culture of mutual acceptance and strengthen the unity of individuals in the community.

This activity was carried out through the project “Yalla Neshoof Film”, a cultural and community partnership project implemented by the Women’s Cinema Foundation in partnership with the Association of University Women Graduates in Gaza and the Sunflower Foundation for Human and Environmental Protection, with the main support of the European Union and the support of the Swiss CFD and the Global Women’s Fund.

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