HCCD participates in the World Day Against Violence.

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HCCD participates with the people of the world on the International Day against Violence, celebrated on 30 September every year as World Anti-Violence Day.

The Center celebrated this day, stressing upon the need to respect the principles, values ​​and culture of human rights and to resolve disputes based on international law and resolutions of international legitimacy.

PCHR asserts that one of the main reasons behind the violence lies in the occupation that confiscates the right of peoples to self-determination and their national sovereignty.

The Israeli occupation practices all forms of violence against the right of our people to violate international law by confiscating land, controlling water basins, Judaizing Jerusalem and targeting our people, most of whom are martyrs and the other wounded and detained.

The center called upon international community to confront the occupation by forcing it to respond to international law and to stop all systematic violence against our people, by guaranteeing the right to self-determination and return.

PCHR believes that this occasion should stimulate Palestinian society with its various political and social forces to oppose internal violence tools, adopt the language of dialogue and a culture of pluralism, equal citizenship and return to the ballot box as a means to resolve internal disputes in order to protect internal peace and build the desired democratic society.

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