Centenary commemoration of late Dr Haider A Shafi.

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HCCD commemorates the centenary of Dr. Haidar Abdul Shafi, at Al Quds Open University, Gaza, in coordination with the Ministry of Culture.

The meeting began with the word from university president, Mr. Mohammed abu Jabeen.

He stressed upon the importance his immortal career, whether national, medical or humanitarian, recalling the distinctive positions of the late doctor, great solidarity during the Madrid negotiations and Washington through his insistence on stopping the settlements as a condition to complete the process of negotiations.

Minister of Culture Atef Abu Saif spoke through a recorded speech the importance of the revival of centenary coinciding with the centenary of the writer and historian Emile Touma, declaring that the Ministry of Culture issued a postage stamp in the name of each of the two great departed.

In a speech delivered by the Mohsen Abu Ramadan, emphasized on reviewing his way of life and focusing on some important joints and axes, most notably education, culture, national unity, the social, human dimension and the democratic dimension.

He pointed to the establishment of the center as a message of loyalty and appreciation for the late doctor with a view to promoting its values ​​and principles among the community, especially among young people

The ceremony was presented by Ms. Manar Syed.

At the end of the meeting a short film about Dr. Haider Abdul Shafi was screened.


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