HCCD organizes a skype meeting on the 2030 Millennium Development Goals.

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HCCD organized a cultural meeting via Skype hosted by the Director, Teachers Creativity Center,Mr.Rifaat Al-Sabah in the presence of youth club in the center.
The meeting started with a welcome speech from Mr. Mohsen Abu Ramadan, General Counsel of the Center, welcomed by the attendees, stressing the importance of keeping pace with the world development goals, especially the goals of the Millennium 2030.
He pointed out the importance of civil society organizations following up on the international developments with a view to settling these goals in the Palestinian reality.
He pointed to the importance of the fourth item of the Millennium Goals, which focused on free, compulsory, just and equitable education for all.
For his part, Mr. Rifaat stressed the role of civil society organizations by focusing on free and compulsory education as a campaign implemented before the adoption of the Millennium Goals, which was adopted as the fourth item of the Millennium Goals.
He pointed out that Arab civil society worked to form educational coalitions in many Arab countries in 2011.
He pointed to the importance of focusing on the social outcomes of education, not just the academic, highlighting the contradiction between the vision of the World Bank on the one hand and the vision of civil society organizations on the other hand, which stresses the importance of rejecting the privatization of education.
Finally, he stressed on the need to continue working towards achieving qualitative and creative education that guarantees equal opportunities for all without discrimination and to prevent social and class inequalities resulting from private education away from formal education.
The participants then made some interventions addressed by the speakers.
This meeting is part of a project implemented in partnership with the ANND. It aims to promote a culture of civil society and human development among grassroots youth organizations in the Gaza Strip

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