HCCD screened a film SOMEDAY

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HCCD screened a film “Someday” at its headquarters in Gaza City, for a group of students.

Mr. Yacub al Namla welcomed the audience, while Ms. Nour El Mamlouk, introduced herself, spoke briefly about the film, the director and the main objective of the film, which mimics the lives of four friends in Gaza City, sharing their professional and personal lives.

Mamluk inquired the audience about the issue covered by the film?

She talked about the issue of the film between the acceptance and rejection of girls about the subject of immigration, despite the practice of their lives normally.

She also discussed the Israeli policy and the sanctions and policies imposed on the Gaza Strip and the denial of freedom of movement for young people.

Shadi Nasrallah expressed his views on how to strengthen the national culture of young people and empower them and strengthen their resilience in the land.

Alaa Al-Sharafi from the audience discussed the obstacles and challenges facing girls in Palestine with regard to freedom of movement.

Karima Touman recommended the publication of films that have a mission to promote the values ​​of society based on human rights and gender equality.

This activity was carried out through the project “Yalla Neshoof Film”, a cultural and community partnership project implemented by the Women’s Cinema Foundation in partnership with the Association of University Women Graduates in Gaza and the Sunflower Foundation for Human and Environmental Protection, with the main support of the European Union and the support of the Swiss CFD & the Global Women’s Fund.

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