HCCD screens a film  “Sabaya Kilimanjaro”…

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HCCD screened a  Film “Sabaya Kilimanjaro” at Al Manal Association for Rural Women Development in Deir El Balah on Thursday 12/9/2019, in line with the project “Yalla Nshouf Film! ”.

The meeting was opened by Yacoub Al-Namla from the Center, welcoming the audience, and the Center and the project “Yalla Neshof Film”.

Manar Al Sayyed introduced herself and briefed about the film that will be screened which carries many of the implications and meanings, most notably the spirit of exploration, initiative and determination, achievement of goals and strengthen the foundations of equality and participation.

She spoke about the obstacles faced by Palestinian girls in freedom of movement in Palestinian society and the message conveyed by the movie.

Sabreen Abu Tilakh asked from the audience about the challenges faced by Palestinians in the West Bank with regard to freedom of movement?

The narration of Abu Awwad from the audience recounted a success story in overcoming and rejecting the cultural heritage that restricts women and serves to codify their role in society, and their challenge to this culture.

The meeting concluded with recommendations from the audience to raise awareness of the importance of pushing women and integrating them into society.

This activity was carried out through the project “Yalla Neshoof Film”, a cultural and community partnership project implemented by the Women’s Cinema Foundation in partnership with the Women Graduates Association in Gaza and the Sunflower Foundation for Human and Environmental Protection, with the main support of the European Union and the support of the Swiss CFD & the Global Women’s Fund.

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