HCCD opens a training entitled: Developing Youth Skills in Technology and Networking

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HCCD conducts a training entitled “Developing Youth Skills in Technology and Networking”  for a group of young people in the disciplines of information & technology.

Mr. Mohsen Abu Ramadan, briefed about  the programs implemented by the Center, vision, mission, goals and organizational values ​​adopted by the Center, and emphasized the approach and march, values ​​and ideas of late Dr.Haider Abdul Shafi.

Abu Ramadan affirmed the center’s interest in its programs and activities by enhancing the path of information technology, which helps put young people, especially new graduates, on the road that contributes to the generation of jobs and combating unemployment.

The center hosted Mr. Nizamuddin from India, an expert in technology, e-working and networking with firms and supporting platforms.

Nizam introduced himself and his work, and talked about the importance of e-work, its prospects and the importance of learning technological skills.

In this regard, he looked forward to the fact that information technology is a modern tool and should be developed & activated in Palestine because of its local and international importance.

Ms Lama Al Bana, also gave a presentation to attendees on the best ways to develop the social networking process and the use of information technology as a means of self-operation.

She offered teaching young people about the steps through which they will practice e-work and activate technology positively.

The meeting concluded with the agreement of the group to continue working to develop their skills in this aspect, and how to start their own business across the field of technology.

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