HCCD implements awareness workshops on the Millennium Goals in partnership with ANND.

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The Center has implemented 4 awareness workshops within the project “Development Empowerment of grassroots organizations with the aim of strengthening networking and empowerment of NGOs”.
This project comes in the context of the Center’s vision of the importance of involving young people in developing knowledge and culture, especially in relation to the 2030 Millennium Goals.

This project is implemented through the (Youth Club) Development Forum, which was established by the Center in partnership with and funded by the Arab NGO Network for Development.

A group of young men and women who received training previously, carried out 4 awareness meetings in 4 governorates on several topics as follows:

The first workshop was carried out in Rafah on Monday, 26/08/2019 on “Human Rights” at Mujidoun Youth Support Association, in the presence of a group of young graduates and university students.
The second workshop was carried out in Khan Yunis on 28/08/2019, on “Community Development” in the Bright Tomorrow Society, in the presence of a group of young graduates.
The third workshop was implemented on Monday 02/09/2019 on “Youth Participation and Networking” in Khatwa Association for Development, in the presence of a group of university students.
The fourth workshop was implemented in middle Governorate on Tuesday 03/09/2019, on “Gender and Citizenship” in Al-Aqsa Club, in the presence of a group of young graduates.

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